Unmatched Patient Savings

We carry all manufacturer rebate cards in-house and apply them on your behalf to ensure that you are getting the best price for your medication. Lost that coupon your doctor gave you? No sweat, we got you covered.

Problem Solving

All of us have gone to a large chain pharmacy and have been told that our medication is not covered by insurance. What you may not know, however, is that with the proper documentation and communication, these issues can be resolved in minutes.

We are experts at navigating the confusing insurance approval process and finding the proper solutions when these coverage issues arise. Leave the insurance stuff to the pros and let us handle it for you.

Free Delivery

We will deliver your prescription for FREE directly to you. Sit at home and relax, or have it sent to your office and make your co-workers jealous.

Digital Medication Management

You should never have to be placed on hold just to ask “Is my medication ready” or “What’s my copay”. That’s why we use KLARA to communicate with our customers.

KLARA is a secure and HIPAA compliant digital messaging platform where you can register as a new patient, obtain refills, transfer prescriptions, or chat with a pharmacist – all without making a single phone call.

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